“Born of the force” always seemed silly and to me was too

That is without a doubt the most dramatic and iconic stretch in BB history to me. I know “iconic” gets thrown around these days, but even someone saying “Keesha’s birthday” makes me think about moments in that stretch of episodes from 10 years ago. From Libra’s “anybody want cake” to Michele and April sitting at the bar in the kitchen screaming at Libra and Keesha, to Jerry popping off with “SCREW YOU PEOPLE”, and of course Renny’s “DONT TALK TO ME THAT WAY, ITS INAPPROPRIATE” and “DON’T FUCKING CURSE AT ME MICHELE” or “He better not put his finger in visit homepage MY face, I’ll shove it down his throat.

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But maybe they will revise that. “Born of the force” always seemed silly and to me was too clunkily leaning on religion and myth. SW always had that solid, earthy “lived in” universe feel to balance some of the more mystic, spiritual, airy fairy concepts.

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